Sconce Makeover and Return of the Audubon Bird Wall

Here's another project scratched off the punch list:  Spray paint sconces (probably red)

This was a  simple project, but made such a difference. I had some green sconces that I'd originally purchased for my Audubon Bird Wall in my first-ever Colorado apartment (when I had just started blogging and trying my hand at decorating.)

I knew I wanted to reinstate the Bird Wall in the dining area of my new place. I had an entire wall that needed some love and I had decided against buying some new, huge (and likely expensive) artwork. I also needed a pop of red on that side of the room to balance out my red laquered IKEA LACK tables. Spray paint made it happen!

Here's what the sconces looked like before:

And here they are in my original bird wall:

Ugh. So much beige! -.-

And voila! Jazzed up with Rustoleum spray paint in Apple Red:

Much better, don't you think? :)

I just love the starkness of the red with the black frames against white walls. It really just reboots the whole bird wall concept for me. :)

I have to say that getting a shot of this wall without getting crazy reflection off the windows was pretty tough. Having a lot of natural light is great, but it can sure play havoc with photography at times!

What do you think? Is the pop of red working for you? :)

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