Peacock Rattan Headboards

I've been lusting after one of these beautiful headboards for quite a while. I think it would go very well with my Indian-themed bedroom decor scheme. Of course, the best headboard source I could find is an Australian company, The Family Love Tree. Unfortunately, their headboards are not cheap and there's the cost of shipping across the pond to consider, in addition to the expense of purchasing.

While you can sometimes find these beauties on Ebay or Craigslist, and while the price can be better, you don't always find the size or color that you are looking for.

So imagine my delight at finding Fran's Wicker out of NJ, whee. :) Prices are very reasonable, too! Headboards are available in Natural or White. I would love to paint one out in chartreuse or some other crazy color!

Fran's Wicker also sells Victorian Hanging Headboards which are a little cheaper, so you can have all the peacock-type style in a smaller, decorative accent.

Has anyone else been keeping an eye out for one of these? Do tell.

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