Living Room Mood Board

I whipped up this little living room out of some favorite furniture that I've pinned lately. It was also an excuse to use a pillow that didn't make the cut for my pillow roundup, but is pretty cool in its own right, anyway.

Living Room Mood Board

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One Response to “Living Room Mood Board”

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I love the individual pieces you have chosen but more importantly how well the look would fit together. You've incorporated a little 'alpine trend' by Global Colour Research for this year through the stag wall hanging, the drinks table, 'teak-like' display units, and complemented this with more contemporary pieces such as the coffee table and tub chair. These vibrant geometric print cushions bring all the pieces together perfectly. Nicely done if I may say so. I also think it's great that you've listed the places where these items can be found. Great for the readers.
    I'm drastically reducing the people I follow on twitter, but I'll definitely be staying with you. Thanks for the post, Lydia x


Thanks for commenting. :) I definitely appreciate the feedback that you give me!