Leather for Spring ( and Summer! )

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As you probably know already, I am well and truly obsessed with the leather look. So imagine my delight in finding a ton of affordable pieces that work well for spring and summer!

Lighter colors, boxy shapes, slouchy joggers. All of these pieces are just so cute and would pair well with items I already own in a ton of ways. I suspect my bank account may be a bit empty in the near-future...

Leather for Spring

1. Missguided Emmilee PVC Contrast Tee / 2. Pretty Tough Faux Leather Top /  3. Maaria Faux Leather Tee / 4. Sandrita Leather Contrast Top / 5. Faux Leather Dolphin Shorts / 6. Missguided Miricia PVC Midi Skirt / 7. Jourdan Leathererre Jogger Trousers / 8. Casual High Waisted Faux Leather Shorts

Are you considering the leather look for spring? Do tell! :) As well, stay tuned for more on-trend stuff for Spring/Summer.

Sconce Makeover and Return of the Audubon Bird Wall

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Here's another project scratched off the punch list:  Spray paint sconces (probably red)

This was a  simple project, but made such a difference. I had some green sconces that I'd originally purchased for my Audubon Bird Wall in my first-ever Colorado apartment (when I had just started blogging and trying my hand at decorating.)

I knew I wanted to reinstate the Bird Wall in the dining area of my new place. I had an entire wall that needed some love and I had decided against buying some new, huge (and likely expensive) artwork. I also needed a pop of red on that side of the room to balance out my red laquered IKEA LACK tables. Spray paint made it happen!

Here's what the sconces looked like before:

And here they are in my original bird wall:

Ugh. So much beige! -.-

And voila! Jazzed up with Rustoleum spray paint in Apple Red:

Much better, don't you think? :)

I just love the starkness of the red with the black frames against white walls. It really just reboots the whole bird wall concept for me. :)

I have to say that getting a shot of this wall without getting crazy reflection off the windows was pretty tough. Having a lot of natural light is great, but it can sure play havoc with photography at times!

What do you think? Is the pop of red working for you? :)

The Look for Less: Leather Baseball Cap

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I am still so obsessed with the leather trend. :) So when I saw this leather hat on Pinterest, I immediately loved it! But, I wasn't so fond of the price tag. Luckily, I was able to find this look-for-less substitute at a much more affordable price. :) I love the look of a baseball cap, and I can see myself rocking this into the winter!

Update: The F21 cap is sold out, but there is another inexpensive leather cap at Pink Ice.

The Look for Less: Leather Baseball Cap

The Look for Less: Leather Baseball Cap by comfortandjoy

This hat would be a great first piece for the leather-shy. Rock the trend in small doses with this hat and a great pair of booties. :)

RAST Hack : Faux Cork Finish How-To

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I bought an IKEA RAST, having seen numerous hack projects that I loved. Originally, I intended to use the RAST in my bedroom, which (pre-move) was Indian themed. A campaign-style makeover would have worked for that space, but I wanted to do something more original. I thought about doing a faux bone inlay finish, but while I was toying with that notion, I came across Kid Made Modern by Todd Oldham.

While flipping through a bunch of cute kids' projects, I stumbled on a gem: A faux cork finish! And just like that, I knew what I was going to do with my RAST. :)

Here's what you need to create your own faux-cork finish:

  • Masking tape
  • Brown shoe polish
  • Gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Your object of choice :)

This project is extremely simple and cost-effective. I bought both the masking tape and brown shoe polish at the dollar store. One container of shoe polish was enough to do this project on my RAST.
I do want to warn you, though, that doing this finish on large furniture items is time consuming. The best way to do this project on furniture is in front of the TV watching a whole season of something-or-other. :)

Step 1:

Tear off small jagged pieces of masking tape from the roll and start covering your object with them! I used pieces that were about 1 inch long. Make sure the pieces overlap each other and that they are not all going the same direction. Lots of TV watching is recommended during this step! For my RAST, I covered the front of each of the three drawers this way. It's hard to see the masking tape on the blonde wood, but your object should look something like this closeup with the masking tape applied:

Step 2: 

This step you should do outside due to the strong smell of shoe polish. Stinky! Put your gloves on, get some shoe polish onto your paper towel. With a dabbing motion, cover your masking tape with the shoe polish. Be sure to dab and gently rub several directions to make sure the shoe polish gets around the edges of the tape.

You might want to do an initial coating, let it dry and then see if you like the depth of color that you've got, reapplying more shoe polish, if necessary. For my project, I did two applications. The first coat was a combination of dabbing and rubbing the polish on, then the second coat was straight dabbing to deepen the color and make it less uniform over the whole RAST drawer.

Once you are happy with it, leave your project outside for an hour or two so the polish can dry and the smell can dissipate. And, you're done! :) Easy, right?

To finish my RAST, I spray painted the frame with black Rustoleum spray paint. I just have to say that I LOVE Rustoleum and I always have great results with their product. It's nice and thick. :)

Keeping with my Indian theme, I then added two of the Ceramic Kashmir Knob with Gold Metal Base from Hobby Lobby to each drawer. The knobs are $4.99 each on Hobby Lobby's website, but if you buy them in-store they are 50% off.

So without further ado, here's the final reveal:

I am seriously in love with it! As I mentioned earlier, this RAST was intended to live in the bedroom of my old place. But when I moved into my new apartment, I needed a more proportionate TV stand for the living room. So this little beauty now holds my TV and its drawers are full of DVDs. :)

What are you going to finish in faux cork? :) Do tell!

Punch List Update

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Colorado has had the most beautiful fall this year! :) I took this gorgeous shot at the Open Space which is a short walk from the new place. It's so nice to be able to walk for 5-10 minutes and find yourself in the middle of such beauty!

I absolutely love being outdoors. It feeds my soul.

I'm still working away at making the inside of my apartment as beautiful as the outside. Here's how I've been doing on the ol' punch list:


  • Paint ugly almond laminate counters light grey with this
  • Cover ugly front of dishwasher with contact paper
  • Decorate backsplash with these 
  • Spray paint canister jars neon yellow (and possibly tea set as well)


  • Paint bathroom cabinet, mirror frame and vanity light black
  • Get new hardware (handles) for storage cabinet

Living Room

  • Finish RAST hack project (reveal coming soon!)
  • Spray paint brown woven baskets tomato red - (this isn't happening anymore)
  • Replace light switches with white ones
  • Spray paint mirror frame in mercury glass
  • Replace overhead chandelier with something not-ugly
  • Final coat of spray paint on living room chairs redo
  • Spray paint sconces (probably red)
  • New fabric for throw pillows/also possibly recovering living room chairs
  • Eventually: reupholster loveseat


  • Paint bedroom blue
  • Spray paint bed frame
  • Find knobs for bedside dressers
  • Art/frame for above the bed
  • Get fabric paint, stamp pattern onto existing curtains

I've also finished shooting the "after" shots for my RAST hack project. :) Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the reveal!

Evolution of Style : Living Room Mood Board

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Moving into a new place is so exciting, because it's a fresh start for your living space. You have the opportunity to re-imagine your surroundings, re-purpose pieces of furniture. Especially if your personal style has changed significantly since you last signed a lease (or mortgage!)

My personal style has definitely changed since the last time that I did a move. I think the most telling evidence of the change is to look at what I have been pinning to my Interiors board on Pinterest. Here are some examples:

These spaces are a beige lunatic's (to quote Bailey of Peppermint Bliss) worst nightmare! I am so into light, bright spaces with white walls, tons of art (preferably in black frames!) and lots of texture and color.

So, naturally, the new place has white walls. :) And it's reasonably light and bright inside. Much brighter than the old place, which had a northern exposure and beige walls. Also, the view is exquisite. And while I couldn't just Craigslist everything and start over (as much fun as that would be!) I feel like I've had a fairly easy time re-purposing my furniture to fit the aesthetic I am envisioning for my new space. Which brings us to the little mood board that I whipped up:

Living Room Mood Board

This was a bit of a difficult mood board to put together: Some of the items here are stand-ins for similar items I own that were thrifted or were older purchases. Also, it only tackles the living side of my living-dining space. But I think it's representative enough of the pieces I have to give you the idea of what I'm going for. :)

What do you think?

The Look for Less: Free People Leather Overall

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Leather pieces are huge once again for this fall/winter season. Leather overalls are a chic alternative to leggings or pants, yet they can also be extremely expensive. Here's a budget-friendly option so that you, too, can rock some overall goodness. :)

The Look for Less: Free People Voyageur Leather Overall